Agreement for the Loan of ICT Equipment for Learners

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This agreement is between:

1) The Newcastle City Learning (“NCL”) and

2) The Parent/Carer who consents to this agreement (“the parent/carer” and “I”).

Following guidance issued by the Department of Education NCL is loaning digital devices and internet access (“the equipment”) to qualifying learners (“the Learner(s)”), to support the provision of remote education during coronavirus. The equipment will be assigned to the parent/carer of all named pupil(s) within this agreement. For the purpose of this agreement, (“carer”) is defined as the person who has taken on the caring responsibility for the pupil(s) including but not limited to a foster carer, family member or a residential care provider. 


I confirm that:

•    I have received all equipment in the table above and the equipment shall remain the sole property of NCL.
•    I have read and understand the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.
•    I will remain responsible for the safe care of the equipment until such time that it is returned to NCL.
•    The equipment will only be used for educational purposes and not for personal use and I will not loan or permit the transfer of the equipment to any other person except the pupil(s) named in this agreement and it may only be used by other household members whilst supporting the pupil(s) education.
•    I will take appropriate measures to protect the equipment and ensure that it is kept in a secure place when it is not in use.
•    If the equipment is damaged, is lost or stolen, I will immediately inform Newcastle City Learning on (0191) 277 3520.between the hours of 9 am – 4pm Monday – Friday
•    I understand NCL reserves the right not to replace damaged, lost or stolen equipment.
•    Should a fault occur with the equipment, I will notify Newcastle City Learning on (0191) 277 3520 as soon as possible.  Under no circumstances, will I, or anyone other than NCL staff, attempt to fix suspected faults.
•    I understand that NCL will not accept responsibility for the loss of work in the event of the equipment malfunctioning.
•    There will be no ‘unacceptable use’ of the equipment. This includes but is not limited to any illegal conduct or activity. 
•    I will ensure that any internet access whilst using the equipment is for an appropriate educational purpose.
•    Only software licensed and installed by Newcastle City Council will be used on the equipment. 
•    I will return the device in its original condition except for fair wear and tear when requested to do so by NCL.



By signing this form, I confirm that I have read and agree to the terms and conditions set out above. 

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