Apprenticeship Plus

If your business is based in Newcastle and you need support with recruiting an apprentice, we may be able to help you. Apprenticeship Plus can offer a range of support for your business such as help with advertising, recruitment, training and salary subsidy.

Why should you use Apprenticeship Plus?

Apprenticeship Plus is an initiative unique to Newcastle that makes it easier for you to recruit apprentices.

  • Apprenticeship Plus helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).
  • We have funding to help with your apprentice's salary if it can lead to permanent employment in your business.
  • Our apprenticeships are for 16-18 year olds who live in disadvantage wards in the City.
  • We help with recruitment, training and employment of an apprentice and we tailor this help to your business needs.
  • We support apprenticeships across a wide range of roles and careers.

Sam Hook, Manager of Uniquethinking, tells of her experience in recruiting through Apprenticeship Plus:

"I had heard about the Apprenticeship Plus scheme, but we had never taken steps to find out how it works. When we were approached by Newcastle City Learning through LinkedIn, I arranged a meeting and was really surprised how easy it was to recruit an apprentice. They took away the time required for the initial screenings based on our criteria and we were pleasantly surprised by the calibre of the candidates who were sent to us. Hiring someone under 19 has been new to us but we've been really pleased with Loren, who has joined us as an administrator. She is showing great potential and has a positive attitude towards any task we give her."

For more information on Apprenticeship Plus phone 0191 277 3506 or email