Artists in lockdown

Screenshot of online art exhibition

Lockdown has increased creative activity everywhere. Our drawing, painting and digital photography classes are still flourishing, and we now have a thriving on-line gallery.


Many of our LLDD learners take part in artistic projects, and they too have contributed work of a very high standard.  Exhibiting in our gallery is open to all learners, whether on an art course or not, and to all of our staff.


We run a wide variety of art classes, from painting with watercolours and acrylics to landscape sketching, drawing, illustration skills, creative photography and image manipulation. Some of our learners have had success in getting their work published, for others it is a hobby and a creative outlet. We would like to thank them for agreeing to share their work for a wider audience. The standard of work on display is extraordinary, and we are hoping that it inspires others to see what is possible. If you would be interested in taking an art course, use our find a course function on the website here


Many of our featured works have been inspired by the differing emotional responses to Coivd-19, and all of our exhibitors tell us what a great idea the online gallery is.


You can visit the exhibition here and, of course, you are very welcome to contribute.