Arts and crafts online

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Did you know you can take part in a range of art and craft courses from the comfort of your own home? Social distancing isn't stopping us learning and connecting online, and we would love for you to join us!

Our classes cater for a range of abilities and there are FREE taster sessions for beginners and new learners, all using ZOOM technology with the support of our experienced tutors.

Come and try Drawing - Wednesday 10:15am - 12:15pm on 13 May
Come and try Jewellery Making - Wednesday 2.30 - 4:30pm on 20 May
Come and try Creative Writing - Thursday 1 - 3pm on 14 May
Come and try Acrylics - Thursday 6 - 8pm on 14 May
Come and try Digital SLR and Photoshop - Friday10am - 12noon on 15 May
Come and try Watercolour - Saturday 10.30am - 12.30pm on 16 May

You must enrol in advance. Enrol online 
For help and advice contact