Complaints, Comments and Compliments Policy

Complaints, Comments and Compliments Policy

Policy statement

Newcastle City Learning aims to provide high-quality services for all our learners and members of the public, and we try to get things right first time.



We accept that things can sometimes go wrong and we need to know when you are not happy with our services.  When you tell us what you are not happy with, we can try to put things right.


We treat all complaints seriously and deal with them positively. By learning from complaints we can make service improvements, avoid repeating mistakes, and give our customers a better service.


We will:


  • Investigate all complaints in a systematic, non-confrontational manner.
  • Ensure that the procedure is accessible to learners, staff, employers, visitors and the general public.
  • Use information gathered about complaints to contribute to and improve the quality of the service we offer.
  • Ensure that confidentiality is maintained whilst dealing with your complaint.
  • Respond to all complaints within 3 working days and try to resolve where possible, within 15 working days as per the Newcastle City Council policy.
  • Inform learners of their right to complain via Newcastle City Council’s Corporate Complaints Procedure and the process they need to follow to do so if their complaint has not been resolved to their satisfaction by Newcastle City Learning.
  • Securely record and store all complaints.
  • Regularly report all complaints to Newcastle City Learning Advisory Board.


There are three steps to our Complaints Procedure - 


  • Step 1 – speak to your tutor or a manager. We will try to deal with your complaint informally where possible.  Often, we can resolve the matter quickly and settle your complaint without you needing to do anything else.


  • Step 2 – if we are unable to informally resolve your complaint, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days. A senior manager will investigate your complaint and take any necessary action.  We will report our findings and actions to you within 15 working days of receipt of your complaint.  We will always try to make sure that the same or similar complaint does not happen again.


  • Step 3 – if you are not satisfied with the reply you receive from the senior manager, or you are unhappy with the handling of your complaint, you are entitled to ask for a Complaint Review.  You should contact us in writing and tell us what you think was wrong about the handling of your complaint at Step 2, and what outcome you would like as a result of reviewing your complaint. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days. The complaint will be reviewed and we will send out a reply to you within 25 working days of receipt of the complaint.


Sometimes you are unable to make the complaint yourself.  We do accept complaints from third parties who have the customer’s permission to act on their behalf in making a complaint.  This can be any person or organisation such as a friend or relative, councillor or MP, solicitor, Citizens Advice or Advocacy Centre North.



Have we exceeded your expectations? Did a member of our team go above and beyond to meet your needs?

We would love to hear more so we can celebrate and share this good work.

We will:

  • Record and collate all compliments.
  • Provide feedback and celebrate with individuals and teams.
  • Use information to further develop our services and practice.
  • Regularly report all compliments to Newcastle City Learning Advisory Board.



We welcome all comments that you may have about our service.  Learners will have lots of opportunity to provide feedback on our service and that helps us to make improvements.  If you have any comments please let us know.


How to raise a compliment or complaint

If you want to raise a complaint, compliment or comment please –

Contact Gillian Forrester, Head of Adult Learning, by telephone on 0191 277 3520


Write to us at:

Complaints at Newcastle City Learning
Newcastle City Learning

West Road

Newcastle upon Tyne


Email us at