A Good Provider

Post it Note with Great News written on it

We have great news to share with you. We were recently inspected by Ofsted and our report has now been published.


Newcastle City Learning are judged as good across all Provision Types and Key Judgements, as well as overall effectiveness.


Our Ofsted report recognises the diversity of our provision and the work we do to support many of the marginalised groups within the city. It recognises our good provision not only for adult community learners but also young people (learners aged 16-19), 19+ learners with learning difficulties and disabilities, apprentices and the expansion of vocational training to help residents move closer to the jobs’ market. It was also so pleasing to see our very important work within ESOL provision being praised and recognised.


Here are just a few of the sentences from the report:

'Learners of all ages thrive in a learning culture that celebrates diversity.'

'Across NCL’s different types of provision, managers and teachers design and teach effective programmes that enable learners to acquire the skills and knowledge that they need to progress in education, find employment and lead more independent lives.'

'Learners and apprentices develop substantial new knowledge and skills while on programmes.'


Read the report in full. Our thanks to all of our staff, learners and stakeholders who have all played a part in this fantastic result for our Service and the residents we serve.