Guidance for effective online learning

At Newcastle City Learning we will be using a range of digital technologies including Google Classroom and ZOOM, to provide online learning opportunities for our learners.  This is part of a blended model of learning to help us all keep safe and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID 19, whilst still moving forward with our learning.


In order to maximise the impact of the use of such technologies we must all abide by the following:  


Learner Commitments

•    To attend all sessions, on time, unless there is a valid reason for absence
•    To dress appropriately to attend online class
•    To minimize distraction within the household during the time of the class where possible
•    To behave appropriately in front of the camera during live teaching sessions and be mindful that others are watching 
•    To participate and engage in all learning activities
•    To arrive fully prepared for lessons (equipment and resources to hand)
•    To not use mobile phones for personal use within lessons 
•    To not eat or smoke during class time
•    To respect the opinions of others during online sessions, just as we would in the classroom
•    To respect both tutor and other learners during online discussions, and acknowledge the tutor’s role as a moderator of such discussion
•    To respect the tutor’s discretion at managing the online environment, which may involve muting of individuals or the whole class at times
•    To complete all work set and to submit by the given deadlines to allow tutors to assess your understanding and to provide helpful feedback to assist your learning
•    To not attempt to access Google meets or similar, outside timetabled class hours 


Newcastle City Learning Commitments

•    To provide a safe, well-organised online space which is conducive to learning
•    To provide high-quality learning activities for all learners to ensure that they gain new knowledge, develop new skills and progress in their learning towards their learning goals
•    To support all learners to make progress in a friendly, caring and supportive environment
•    To provide constructive verbal/ written/ recorded feedback on progress to help you consolidate your learning and to make good progress
•    To ensure that all Google/ZOOM meets or similar are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect
•    To enforce all the learner commitments as above to ensure an environment which is conducive to learning and which supports our learners to make good progress.


Serious breaches of the code of conduct for online learning will result in learners being withdrawn from their course.