Our new Programmes for Young People

smiling young person with a backpack in a college setting

Are you a school leaver wondering where to go next? In the smaller environment at NCL, our learners receive very individualised support. The curriculum is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours you require to progress onto higher level academic or vocational qualifications. Or perhaps you just need time to work out exactly what it is you want to do moving forward?

Within our programmes for young learners we offer a variety of opportunities to explore a range of employment options, we develop the employability skills required to successfully progress including real work experience, where appropriate.

The curriculum teams have developed a new offer for September, which includes new strands such as warehousing and storage and sport and leisure studies. We also have two pathways for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. We are recognised as specialist providers of programmes for young people who need some extra support and care to move to their next steps in adulthood.


Find out more with our school leavers brochure (pdf, 2.9MB)


Interested? Contact us on 0191 277 3520 or email nclsp@newcastle.gov.uk