Safeguarding during Covid

Safeguarding Arrangements during Coronavirus 

During the Coronavirus period, the following arrangements have been put into place to support our college community.


Designated Safeguarding Leads


Julie Hickin - Designated Safeguarding Lead or Colleen Pittman - Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead are available to staff, students and families and can be contacted using email or by mobile phone:  and 0191 277 3502.


Maintaining Contact with Learners


During the this period, regular contact will be made for any student that is vulnerable or needs support throughout this time, in the first instance by their tutor.

Families of students who have high care needs and those who are known to social care will be contacted by pastoral staff once a week, for a welfare ‘check in’.  

If follow-up action or support is required, a member of staff will contact social care direct or any other relevant agency or service.  

Re-opening of the centres for learning will follow the government guidelines; this may include phased return to learning for specific groups. Such actions will be undertaken with the safety of learners as paramount; all actions would be risk assessed.


Reporting a concern as a member of staff 


If a staff member has a concern about a learner, this can be reported through the usual process of emailing the safeguarding team at 
Staff are able to report concerns through our digital system here: and selecting Newcastle City Learning from the dropdown menu
Or by contacting our designated safeguarding lead at the contact above.


Online learning


Online safety advice will follow IT usage policy and a refresher of these guidelines will be sent out to staff and students.