Thinking Folk Project

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Thinking Folk Project

Engaging in conversations that explore life’s ‘big’ questions has a long tradition in Denmark due to the Danish Folk High School movement. Having taken inspiration from them we have been trying to do just the same thing and since February 2022 more 450 people from all walks of life have taken part in a ‘Thinking Folk’ conversation.

It is about bringing people together to talk about life’s big questions and in doing so create common bonds. Sessions involve small groups of people talking about questions that really matter to them. Each conversation lasts about one hour, and possible questions are chosen by the group. They can be anything from ‘What is happiness?’ through to ‘Why is time important?’. Really it can be any question that does not require just a straight yes/no answer! These sessions are bringing people together all over Newcastle Upon Tyne to develop friendship and understanding.

"These conversations are so interesting and stay in your head afterwards. I really wasn’t expecting that!"

So why not come and join us?