For the trainee

Man shaking hands with an interview candidate

For the trainee

 You can apply for a traineeship if you are:


  • Eligible to work in England
  • Have little or no work experience but are motivated for work
  • Aged 16 to 24 - or 25 with an EHC plan


Traineeships are free – the cost of the training is given directly to the training provider by the government. The training provider will deliver:


  • training to prepare you for work, including CV writing and what to expect in the workplace
  • support to improve your English, maths and digital skills if you need it
  • sector focused vocational learning to help prepare you for your apprenticeship or job and recognition of your learning


The employer will get:


  • a high-quality work placement of at least 70 hours
  • an interview for an apprenticeship or job if available, or an exit interview with written feedback


The programmes can be tailored to meet your needs and prepare you for what local businesses are looking for.


Employers are not required to pay you for the work placement, but they can support you with expenses such as transport and meals. (If you are eligible, you can maintain your entitlement to benefits whilst on a traineeship as necessary).


You will receive recognition of your learning and support to link you with job opportunities.


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