Advisory Board

Advisory Board

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Advisory Board

Newcastle City Learning Advisory Board

Newcastle City Learning has an active Advisory Board which provides challenge and rigour as well as advice. The Advisory Board is made up of elected members, community representatives, staff and learners of the establishment. The Advisory Board's Chair is Melissa Middleton.

Advisory Board membership

  • Melissa Middleton (Chair)

  • Garry Nicholson (Staff Advisory Board Member)

  • Martin Snow (Community Advisory Board Member)

  • Violet Rook (Community Advisory Board Member)

  • Ian Dawson (Local Authority Advisor)


Full Advisory Board meetings are six times a year, and subcommittees meet three times a year in addition to this.




The Advisory Board is responsible for:

• determining the educational character and mission of the Service and for oversight of its activities including curriculum planning and delivery;
• approving the quality strategy of the institution;
• ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources


The Advisory Board represents the interests of the local community in particular and public interest in general. It is there to oversee the way the Service is run and to make sure it delivers high quality learning opportunities and makes effective use of the resources it has available.

The management of the Service remains the responsibility of the Local Authority, within the broad framework of policies and accountabilities set out and monitored by the funding bodies, the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the North of Tyne Combined Authority.


Advisory Board Member Job Description