Arts and Textiles

Arts and Textiles

Female artist in an art studio

Arts and Textiles

Our courses will help you develop the technical skills you need to progress in a range of subjects, with talented tutors who will inspire you to develop your creative talents. 


The fees listed for each course cover a full year of tuition. As long as space is available learners may also sign up for courses one term at a time with new start dates in September, January and April.

Our current Arts Courses

Art and Design for Wellbeing

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to fire up their creativity and explore art and its benefits for wellbeing. Gain confidence developing your own art style, plus have fun! 

Painting and Drawing from Scratch

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to get creative and discover their inner artist. You will learn different ways to experiment with drawing, painting, and collage to achieve impressive results.


Develop your ability to draw from reference images and from life. You will work mainly in pencil to try a range of exercises and practise some key techniques. You will develop your observational skills, and confidence to create line drawings and tonal pieces. You will explore drawing with coloured media such as coloured pencils and pastels. Working from a variety of subjects you will develop some common techniques, and explore mixing and blending colours.


This course is suitable for anyone wanting to develop their ability to paint from reference images and from life. You will create a portfolio of work in watercolours, inks, gouache, and acrylics trying a range of exercises, and practising some key techniques. 


Explore watercolour painting in order to increase your confidence with the medium. Working from a range of subjects, you will learn some fundamental techniques and explore mixing and blending colours. 

Mixed Media

A relaxing class to explore new processes mixing different mediums (wet and dry). You will learn different ways to experiment with paint and collage to achieve great results!

Mixed Methods - The Human Figure

You will study drawing and painting techniques using human figures (portraits, the body, etc) as the main subject. You will also learn valuable tips and techniques to improve your artwork by exploring brushstrokes and looking at the basics of colour mixing.


Try a range of printmaking techniques, including monotype, intaglio, and relief printing. You will have the opportunity to use a range of materials, tools, and techniques, some which can be continued at home with minimal equipment. 


This course is suitable for learners who are new to jewellery making but have an interest and want to give it a go. Each class has step-by-step instructions, so you will be able to create amazing hand-made products to show off to your family and friends!

Our current Textiles courses

Textiles Art

Discover a range of ‘Textile Art’ processes including freemachine embroidery, appliqué, image transfer, pattern development and hand stitching. This is a relaxing and informal class to learn new skills in surface design, experiment with new materials and create beautiful pieces.


Try a range of collage techniques, including papier collé, découpage, photomontage and assemblage. A relaxing and informal class to explore the world of collage, gain confidence in looking at relevant artists and develop your own style.

The Sewing Workshop

You will learn garment making skills, plus other creative skills to make the garments and items you wish, whatever level you are at. You will have the chance to shape the course and have a student-centred learning experience.

Making, Mending and Upcycling Clothes

Explore new processes, mixing different fabrics and sewing skills, to create new innovative garments and household item. You will learn different sewing techniques to experiment with design and composition, developing your own creative style whilst having fun.

Patchwork Memory Blankets

Learn basic patchwork and quilting skills, while making a keepsake blanket. Make a permanent memory of a child’s early years, school years or even a favourite pet’s life story. You will also learn valuable tips and techniques to improve your sewing while having the opportunity to be as creative as you like.

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