Reading sessions

Reading sessions

An image of a lady sitting on a pile of books, reading.

Reading sessions

Did you know that reading for as little as 6 minutes per day can improve your quality of sleep, reduce stress and sharpen your thinking? Reading can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure. 


Are you looking for: 


  • a dedicated reason to read on a more regular basis to relax, or improve your English? 
  • a way to develop a sense of community with other readers? 
  • a nudge to read for entertainment, and also learn something insightful about yourself or our society at large? 


Then come along to read together and talk about what you have read at the NCL Reading Sessions. 


Upcoming classes 


The sessions are all on Fridays, 1pm at the Heaton Centre.


20/10/2023 - A short story 

17/11/2023 - A children’s book 

08/12/2023 - A graphic novel 

19/01/2024 - A crime novel 

09/02/2024 - An historical novel 

15/03/2023 - An autobiographical novel 

17/05/2024 - A fantasy novel 

21/06/2024 - A poem 


Call 0191 2773520 or 0191 2782818 to enrol or for more information