e-systems and our VLE

e-systems and our VLE

My Learning Hub

We now have a number of on-line systems to support your learning and to make it easier for you to find and access them we have developed an on-line portal. The portal as it will be a great way for you to keep up to date with your course, to be able to report any concerns you may have, to view our videos via You Tube, and to enrol on-line. Whether you use an android device or an apple device you can save the link to your home screen so that it looks and behaves like an app.

To access the portal go to the web browser on your device or click on the link https://nccportal.newcastle.gov.uk/mylearninghub and create your account

• After you have created your account log out again

• Return to the login screen

• On an Android device tap on the menu and then tap “Add to home screen”. You will then have an icon that looks like an app which you can use to access the portal at any time

• On an Apple device select the share icon and select “Add to Home Screen” from the bottom row of options. You will then have an icon that looks like an app which you can use to access the portal at any time

Quals Direct

This is our e-portfolio that all learners will be using this academic year. Using the e-portfolio will allow you to submit your work directly to the e-portfolio, to track your progress through your learning goals, to communicate with your tutor and other features. It will also save you having to put together a physical file for assessment and moderation. Your assessment, feedback and internal and external moderation can all take place through Quals Direct.


This is a system that monitors learner achievement and can be really motivating and beneficial to participants.


This is a confidential way for you to raise concerns directly to staff in the College in a safe and anonymous way. You will be given a log in and a user name during the first week of your course.

You Tube channel 

We have developed our own YouTube Channel where we will publish our induction videos and our 60 second updates as well as any other useful materials.

Moodle - our Virtual Learning Environment.

Many of our tutors will use this to share resources with you and you may be asked to complete work from Moodle if you are absent from any of your sessions. You can create an account by going to nclmoodle.org.uk (do note the address does not contain www).

Health Assured On-line Health Portal

You can access the portal for lots of medical factsheets, personal coaching and health assessment information.