Policies and Key Documents

Policies and Key Documents

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Policies and Key Documents

Policies and Strategies

Attendance Policy (updated September 20212)

Behaviour Management Policy (updated September 2023)


Careers Information Advice and Guidance Policy (September 2022)


Complaints and Compliments Policy (updated February 2023)


Digital Policy (September 2022)


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy (September 2022)


Initial Assessment Planning and Review of Learning Policy (September 2022)


Learner Support Policy (September 2022)


Lesson Visits Procedure (September 2022)


Moderation Policy (November 2020)


Privacy Notice (September 2022)


Pound Plus Policy 2022-23 (updated September 2022)


Alternative Provider Access to NCL Learners to Provide Impartial IAG Policy (updated September 2022)


Quality Management Policy (September 2022)


Safeguarding Policy (updated September 2022)


Safeguarding Policy Appendices

Appendix 1 Safeguarding Code of Behaviour for all staff (updated September 2021)

Appendix 2 Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults - A Quick Guide for Staff (updated September 2021)

Appendix 3 Safeguarding Referral Chart (updated September 2021)

Appendix 4 Bullying Policy (updated September 2021)

Appendix 5 E-Safety Policy (updated September 2021)

Appendix 6 External Speakers Policy (updated September 2021)

Appendix 7 Homeworking Guidance (updated September 2021)

Appendix 8 Safeguarding during Covid (to outline arrangements during Coronavirus, updated September 2021)

Appendix 9 Safeguarding Concern Form (updated September 2021)

Appendix 11 Useful Contacts (updated September 2021)

Appendix 12  Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy (updated August 2021) 


Staff Development Policy (September 2022)


Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy (October 2022)


Key documents

Self-Assessment Report 22-23  (pdf 774KB, published Feb 2024)


Read our Accountability Agreement 2023-24 (updated June 2023)


Read our Strategic Priorities 2022-23 (updated September 2022)