Subcontracting Policy and Fees (updated November 2022)

Subcontracting Values 2022-23 (Planned)

Actual levels of funding paid and retained for each delivery subcontractor will be published here.


 Name of Subcontractor  Duration of contract  Funding to be paid to Subcontractor  Funding to be retained by NCL
 Staff Power Training Limited  August - December 2022  £40,000.00  £10,000


Subcontracting Values 2021-22 

 Name of subcontractor  Duration of contract  Funding paid to Subcontractor  Funding retained by NCL
 Baltic Training Services Ltd  Oct 21 - July 2022  £12,712.39  £3,178.10
 Staff Power Training Limited  March - July 2022  £19,600  £4,900


Subcontracting Values 2020-21

 Name of Subcontractor  Duration of contract  Funding paid to Subcontractor  Funding retained by NCL
 Baltic Training Services Ltd  May - July 2021  £3928.64  £982.16