Newcastle City Learning aims to provide a high-quality service for all members of the public. Complaints are an invaluable source of feedback which are viewed positively to inform service improvement.


The policy applies to learners and other members of the public.


We will:


•    Investigate all complaints in a systematic, non-confrontational manner via an agreed complaints procedure which will be regularly monitored, evaluated and reviewed.


•    Ensure that the procedure is accessible to learners, staff, employers, visitors and the general public.


•    Use information gathered about complaints to contribute to quality improvement.


•    Ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout the policy/procedure.


•    Complaints will be responded to within 3 working days and resolved, where possible, within 15 working days as per Newcastle City Council policy.


•    Inform learners of their right to complain via Newcastle City Council’s Corporate Complaints Procedure and the process they need to follow to do so if their complaint has not been resolved to their satisfaction by Newcastle City Learning.


•    All complaints received will be securely recorded and held in a confidential electronic file with limited access.


•    We will provide a report to Newcastle City Learning Advisory Board annually on all complaints, to help improve and inform our service.


If you have a complaint please speak to your tutor or pastoral support officer in the first instance. If you cannot do this, please ask for the Duty Manager.