Values and Quality Standards

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Values and Quality Standards

Our Mission

Providing opportunities in Newcastle for all to learn, improve and grow.

Newcastle City Council - values and behaviours

We are proud, fair, ambitious - We are Newcastle.


Proud - We take pride in and celebrate each other's achievements


  • We have a positive, optimistic, can-do attitude
  • We do our very best to meet and exceed the expectations of our colleagues, customers, partners and residents
  • We help and support other to make a positive difference
  • We make sure that we celebrate and praise each other's good work

Fair - We are honest and treat people equal to their needs


  • We respect and value every person as an individual
  • We listen to other opinions and points of view and embrace difference
  • We are decent, fair and compassionate
  • We act with integrity in everything we do
  • We are accountable for our actions and our performance

Ambitious - We are passionate, determined, enthusiastic and want to succeed


  • We believe in making the most of opportunities to help us succeed
  • We achieve more when we work together
  • We are enthusiastic about change
  • We encourage others to be their best
  • We have the courage to change things for the better and make a difference
  • We are passionate about making Newcastle a great city

We contribute to Newcastle City Council's priorities for Newcastle

We are ambitious for our city and its residents. We want Newcastle to be:


  • a city with more and better jobs
  • a city which helps people to find work
  • a city that gives young people the best start in life
  • a city with healthy communities
  • a city which shields the most vulnerable from harm
  • a city where people can live their lives and age well
  • a city with cultural vibrancy

Newcastle City Learning Priorities

Our Service priorities:


Intent impacts on each individual throughout learning

  • Delivering a high and consistent standard of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Deepening learning and widening the application of skills
  • Increasing learner independence

Curriculum for all

  • Providing learning opportunities to develop a range of Fusion skills in the 21st century
  • Focussing on learners' wellbeing so they can fulfil their potential and access the city and the opportunities it provides
  • Meeting individual learner needs to enable them to fulfil their learning journey

Actively working with partners and stakeholders

  • Meeting the needs of diverse communities
  • Investing in continuing professional development and wellbeing of staff
  • Responding to partners' needs

Needing to be financially stable in a changing environment

  • Responding to financial challenges in the light of devolution and government priorities
  • Being fully compliant and accountable
  • Effectively implementing finances and funding

Quality Standards

Matrix Standard (2019)  - We hold the Matrix Standard, which is the quality standard for information, advice and guidance services.