Learner Communication and Involvement

Learner Communication and Involvement

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Learner Communication and Involvement

We want to involve our learners and potential learners in shaping the opportunities that are available to you. We use a number of different ways to communicate:

Learner Focus - our Learner Newsletter can be found on our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), and is distributed through registers and at centres.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - share your photos of what you have been doing in your class or give us your views.

Comments boards - these can be found at our centres at Westgate College, and the Heaton Centre. We will respond to your comments with our 'You Said, We Did' posters outlining the changes we have made in response to your views, or explaining where and why we cannot take action.

Learner Voice: the 7Cs – three times a year we will ask for your views on the climate and behaviours in your class. It is a quick and simple way to get feedback about what is going well or not in the classroom and provides your tutor with easy to understand information about how to work more effectively with you in your class. We will also give you the opportunity to add comments if you wish. At the end of your course we will also ask you to complete our exit survey to help us to understand the impact your course has had for you. This will help us to improve what we do and plan better for the future.

Survey Monkey – we use Survey Monkey to gather learner feedback by using online questionnaires and analysing the results.

Google Classroom – this is our Virtual Learning Environment where you can access resources but also engage in discussions with other learners and staff about relevant topics.

Class cancellations and SMS messaging – we use SMS messaging as one of the ways to update you, so please give us your mobile number when you enrol.

Tootoot - Learners can log into Tootoot on a computer, tablet or mobile and report and worries or concerns directly to staff in the college in a safe and anonymous way. Tootoot is completely confidential and concerns will be dealt with quickly. You will be given a log in and user name during the first week of your course.

Advisory Board - there are a number of Learner positions on the Advisory Board for Newcastle City Learning. If you are interested in our governance arrangements, and raising issues with the current learner governors you can find out more in our Governance section.