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Attend to achieve

Did you know if you miss college you may be missing out?


• You are more likely to succeed and achieve your qualification or learning goal if you attend consistently.

• You will get full value for money if you attend every session of your course, whether it be online or in person.

• You can only ask questions in class if you are here!

• Attending regularly can help you feel more connected to your class, the college community, and develop important social skills and friendships.

• Good attendance shows potential employers that you are reliable, and may be vital if you are looking for a job reference. It also reinforces other important behaviour patterns like reliability, being on time and good time management skills.

• You need to be here to take advantage of the opportunities on offer; you can speak to our careers team, and participate in our markets, charity and fundraising events.

• If your attendance is poor you may be withdrawn from your course and unable to return to class, as you won’t be able to receive public funding to do the course again. Most fees are subsidised with public funding.

• It impacts on the rest of the class if you are absent, as it diverts the tutor’s attention and resource when they have to help you to catch up.


We also have an Attendance Policy (updated November 2020)

If you are struggling for any reason, speak to your tutor. We have staff who may be able to help you. You can also call our free 24 hour telephone counselling helpline if you have concerns outside of college that are impacting on your attendance (ask us for details).