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Maths support through Multiply

Do you lack confidence in your maths ability?


Does the thought of maths make you anxious?


If you are over 19 years old, live in Newcastle and don’t have a Level 2 qualification in maths, you can access a range of bespoke courses. These courses all include some maths, but they are designed to build your confidence with numbers in a small group setting.


If you lack confidence in your maths skills or even have a maths phobia, this may be the right approach for you. We can support people regardless of their ability and there is no pressure to take a maths qualification.


Our courses include:


Bridging the gap from Entry 3 to Level 1 maths


Have you already achieved Entry Level 3 and you’re not sure about starting a Level 1 qualification? This 6-week course will give you an introduction to Level 1 maths and will support you to build the foundations before making the decision to commit to a full Level 1 class.  There will be a focus on number and calculation skills, and your tutor will support you to try a range of different methods until you find the ones which best suit you and your learning style.  This course could progress onto a qualification.


The Language of Maths – an introduction to maths for ESOL learners


This course is for ESOL learners who would like to get better at maths.  The course will look at the language used in maths, which can help in your everyday life and with problem solving. You will work on topics like multiplication, division, money, fractions, time and measuring.  You will also identify and develop an understanding of the words that you will see in written maths problems, improving both your maths and English skills.  This course can lead onto Functional Maths courses and qualifications.


Maths for the care sector


This course will improve your confidence with some of the most relevant maths skills that are used in a health and social care setting.  The classes provide a relaxed environment to learn some maths and support you to apply this in the workplace, or even in your daily life. Topics include fluids and nutrition, weights and measures (both metric and imperial) and calculating BMI.  If you work in the care sector and you feel you would benefit from brushing up your skills, this short course is for you.


Household Budgeting


This course will support you to look at the costs associated with running a household.  You will consider income and expenditure and how to factor in the rising costs of living.  This course has also been adapted for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities who are exploring whether they are able to live independently.


1:1 maths support


Our 1:1 maths support is proving very popular.  We have some availability for individuals to access an individual bespoke maths programme for up to 10 weeks.  Learners from last year have either achieved their first maths qualifications or they have developed the confidence to progress into an adult maths class to continue their studies.


Bespoke employer courses


Are you an employer who would benefit from providing targeted maths support to either an individual or group of employees?  If so, we can create customised courses.  These can last from half a day to several sessions over a longer period of time.


Good maths skills may unlock job opportunities, lead to higher wages or prepare you for further study. They also help in everyday life, such as your children’s homework or managing household finances.


To enquire about any of our Multiply courses or if you are a community group who would like to consider delivering some Multiply courses, please e-mail and


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