Fees and Financial Support

Fees and Financial Support


If you have to pay a fee will depend on which course you wish to study and your own individual circumstances. Our staff are available to offer advice on whether you can claim a concession when you enrol.


Our courses are colour coded. The final letter of a course's code will indicate which fee category applies. The code can be found online when looking at course details.

Courses ending in 'R' (Red courses)

These are our free English, Maths and digital skills courses where no fees or deposits are charged.

Courses ending in 'Y' (Yellow courses) or 'B' (Blue courses)

These courses are mainly £4.50 per hour with some exceptions.

Your course may be free if:

• you are currently unemployed and claiming JSA or ESA.

• you are claiming Universal Credit and earning take-home pay of less than £494 p/m as a sole claimant, or £782 p/m as part of a joint claim.

• you are claiming other state benefits and earning take-home pay of less than £494 p/m as a sole claimant, or £782 p/m as part of a joint claim. You must want to be employed and the learning must be directly relevant to your employment prospects and the local labour market needs.

• you are working and in receipt of a low wage (amount depends on individual circumstances and ranges from £18,525 – £21,255, figures may be subject to change).

• you are aged 19-23 and are studying for your first full Level 2 course.

• you are aged 19-23 and are studying for your first full Level 3 course (part of legal entitlement). Please ask us for details to see if you qualify for this concession.

• you are aged 24+ without a full Level 3 or above, or are 19+ and already have a full Level 3 but are unemployed or earning a low wage and are studying a course included in the Courses for Jobs offer.

• you are a North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) resident and qualify for a free course as a new learner (conditions apply, we will advise you on eligibility)

You will be required to provide evidence of benefit or salary upon enrolment.


Courses ending in 'G' (Green courses)

These are our full cost courses, there are no concessions or discounts. Most of these courses are £9.00 per hour.


What does the course fee include?

The course fee covers the cost of providing the course including the teaching, venue and the awarding body costs. These are payable at the time of enrolment.

You will be liable to pay the costs if you fail to attend and exam you have entered for. Additionally, if you do not take part in the assessment process you may have to pay the full cost for your course.

Equipment and materials may not be included in the course fee. Please ask at the centre for details.


Can I get learner support and support for childcare?

We have some money available to help people on low incomes to study. ' Discretionary Learner Support Funds' (DLS) may be available to help with your course fees, travel costs, childcare, books and equipment. This applies to 'B' and 'R' coded courses only.

To qualify you must:

  • have a household income of less than £19,000 if you have no dependants, or £26,000 if you have one or more dependants.

To claim assistance with your childcare costs your child or children must be under 15 years of age, and being cared for by a registered childminder or nursery. If you get financial assistance but decide to leave before the course ends you may have to repay the money. Check with your centre to see if you can get support as there are other conditions too.


Our Learner Support Policy  has more details, and our application forms explain the process of applying and the evidence required.

Funding for our courses

Many of our courses are funded by the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) or the Education and Skills Funding Agency which means that they cost you less. The courses are for people aged over 16. Learners must meet certain residency requirements prior to the start of their course to qualify for fee remission or our subsidised course fees of £4.50 an hour. Where this is not the case, learners are able to enrol on courses but are required to pay the full cost fee of £9.00 per hour. Our Gateway staff can advise as funding rules are subject to change.

You can only be funded to do a course once. If you have already done a course with us and gained the qualification, you will not be able to do this course again. However we will try and find a suitable course for you at an appropriate level.

This year we are offering free skills assessments to learners on a range of courses. If your course is chosen, you may be asked to take part in a short assessment. This will help us find out if we can give you extra support to reach your goals. For example, we may be able to offer you free courses to refresh your English or maths.

All of this information is correct at time of being published, but funding rules change constantly so please check when you enrol.

European Social Fund

eu logo Newcastle City Learning's courses may also be part-financed by the European Union with ESF match funding




Advanced Learner Loans

If you are aged 19 or over and taking a course at Level 3 or above you may be eligible to apply for a loan to pay for your course fees.

Find out more about Advanced Learner Loans