Fees and Financial Support

Fees and Financial Support

Fees and Financial Support

Newcastle City Learning receives government funding for some of its courses through the North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). Learners accessing government funding for their course, will be asked to provide evidence of residency and where applicable evidence of fee remission. Please visit Enrolment Checklist 2023-24 (pdf) for further details on the type of evidence required.


When enrolling on a course at Newcastle City Learning, learners will be made aware of any fees due from them in respect of the course for which they are applying.

Fee Remission

If you are unemployed, actively seeking work and in receipt of one of the benefits listed below then you may qualify for fee remission, if your learning is directly relevant to your employment prospects and the local labour market needs.


•    In receipt of Universal Credit and earn less than £617.00 as a sole claimant or £988.00 as part of a joint claim
•    In receipt of Jobseekers Allowance
•    In receipt of Employment Support Allowance
•    In receipt of another state benefit (Income Support, Council Tax Benefit, Child Tax Credits or Carers Allowance) and you are willing to sign a declaration to enter employment.


You may also qualify for fee remission, if you are working and in receipt of a low wage
(amount depends on individual circumstances and ranges from £20,319.00- £21,255.00, figures may be subject to change).


The above is subject to meeting residency criteria.

Maths and English Courses

Maths and English courses up to and including level 2 are free to adults, who have not previously attained a GCSE grade 4 (C) or higher. Residency criteria must be met to qualify for a free maths and English course.

First Full Level 2 and Level 3 Courses

Learners aged between 19-23 who do not already have a full level 2 or level 3 qualification will be able to study one for free.


Alternatively, if you need to attend an Entry/Level 1 course as an essential progression step to your first full level 2 course, this will also be free of charge.

Level 3 Free Courses for Jobs

Learners without a full level 3 or above accessing a qualification on the level 3 adult offer qualification list can study for free subject to meeting residency criteria.


Learners who already hold a level 3 or higher and meet the definition of unemployed or who are in receipt of a low wage can also study for free subject to residency criteria.

Advanced Learner Loans

Learners aged 19 or over and enrolling on a course at Level 3 or above, may be eligible to apply for a loan to pay for their course fees.

Co- Funded Courses

Where learners do not qualify for fee remission but meet the residency criteria for subsidised course fees, the hourly rate is £5.00. The course fee covers the running cost of the course, including the teaching, venue and awarding body costs. There may be additional charges on some courses for materials and equipment. Learners will be expected to pay their course fee at the time of enrolment to secure their place on the course.

Full Cost Courses

Where learners do not meet the residency criteria, or their course does not attract government funding then they will be expected to pay the full cost hourly rate of £11.50. The full cost rate also applies to those learners studying a qualification they have previously studied. Learners will be expected to pay their course fee at the time of enrolment to secure their place on the course.


Where learners course fees are over £200 and the course lasts more than 15 weeks, instalment options are available. Learners will be expected to pay 25% of their course fee when they enrol to secure their place on the course.

Travel and Childcare

Discretionary Learner Support (DLS) funds may be available to help with the cost of travel, childcare, books and equipment. To qualify learners must have a household income of less than £20,000 if there are no dependants or £26,000 if there are one or more dependants.


To claim assistance with your childcare costs the child must be under 15 years of age and be cared for by a registered childminder or nursery. Learners who receive financial assistance but don’t complete their course, may have to repay monies received. To apply for DLS, please speak to one of our advisors who will discuss eligibility and evidence criteria with you.

Outstanding Fees

Learners with unpaid course fees may, not be permitted to enrol for new courses or continue their course until all outstanding monies have been paid. Newcastle City Learning will refer unpaid amounts to an external agency to pursue payment. Any additional costs incurred by Newcastle City Learning in the collection of the debt will be the liability of the learner and will be added to the debt.


Fees are non-refundable, except in the following circumstances:


•    When Newcastle City Learning has cancelled the course, in which case all fees paid will be refunded.
•    When a fee has been paid in advance of the course start date and Newcastle City Learning has been informed in writing by the learner of their withdrawal before their start date.
•    When a learner withdraws from a course due to medical or work-related reason, a partial refund will be issued upon receipt of satisfactory evidence.
•    Where there is a complaint made through the formal complaints’ procedure about the quality of the course which is upheld (this may be a full or partial refund).
•    Where there are exceptional, mitigating circumstances.


Date last updated: July 2023