LDD provision

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LDD provision

Programme of Delivery for those aged 19+ in 2021/22 Academic Year

Please note days are subject to availability and change. For further details or to book a place on any of the above please contact samantha.riley@newcastle.gov.uk 

We offer a range of programmes from Pre-entry to Level 2 focusing on independent living skills, social and community involvement and work and life skills:



Cookery for beginners

2 days (Wednesday & Thursday)

Cookery for Improvers

2 days (Monday & Tuesday)

ICT for improvers

1 day (Tuesday)


1 day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)

Performing Art

1 day (Thursday or Friday)


1 day (Thursday)

Enterprise Skills

2 days (Monday & Tuesday)

Independent Living in the Home & Community

1 day (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)


3 hours (Thursday)


Cookery for beginners

This is a cookery-based programme where you will improve and develop specific skills within catering to encourage more independence in the kitchen, as well as developing a range of soft skills such as communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Improvers Cookery

This is the next step in becoming a more independent cook and further developing a range of skills to support your independence in the home. 

ICT for improvers

This course is an improvers course aimed at learners with some knowledge in Word, PowerPoint, Email and Internet. It will further develop your knowledge and understanding within these elements.

Art Award

Aimed at 19-25 year olds who want to work towards the Art Award, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Through Arts Award, you will achieve a national qualification that will build confidence through nurturing your individual interests, while also equipping you with life skills that will support you education and future employment.


This is a practical arts based course where you will have the opportunity to have a go at a variety of art forms such as painting, sculpting, printmaking and mosaics as well as accessing the community and finding out what is going on locally.

Performing Art

This course is designed for you to be able to explore different types of performance including movement, mime, character and storytelling as well as all of the roles behind the scenes. You will work towards an actual live performance.


This course is for learners whose first language is not English and have a learning difficulty and/or disability. You will work on improving your spoken English as well as listening, writing and reading.

Enterprise Skills – preparing for life and work

This is aimed at learners who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of enterprise skills and how to work within a team as well as leadership skills.  You will explore charitable organisations and research, plan and run an enterprise activity.

Independent living in the home and community

 This is a life skills based course for you to develop a sense of who you are and your place in the wider community. Courses in this pathway are designed for learners for whom vocational courses and full time work may not be an option. Course themes include basic cooking and household tasks, enrichment events, managing a personal budget, communication skills, personal and social development. You will also develop advanced independence skills to prepare you for supported, semi or independent living.  This course aims to empower you to function as independently as possible, whilst embracing your own personal needs.  Course themes include personal hygiene, telling the time, practical maths and English, accessing the community, healthy living and maintaining a house and garden.


This course is aimed at learners who may struggle with poor mental health and will look at triggers and coping strategies.  The programme will be individualised to your needs and will explore a variety of activities to reduce anxiety and stress.