Know your phone

Know your phone

Smiling woman with curly hair looking down at her mobile phone in her hands

Know your phone

Know your Phone is a 4 week course to help people build their digital confidence. The world around us is becoming increasingly more connected with QR codes and online booking systems everywhere you go. Which is great...when you know what you’re doing! 


In this course we’ll be looking at the settings and features that your device has, useful apps, staying safe in the digital world and proving that your smartphone is not smarter than you. Check out some of the feedback from our previous learners below. 


There are no requirements for joining this class, however you are expected to bring your own device (and a charged battery). 


Upcoming classes 


1st May – 10.30am - 12.30pm at the St Martin’s Centre, Roman Avenue 


Call 0191 2773520 or 0191 2782818 to enrol or contact for more information 


Quotes from previous learners, sharing their experiences of this course