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Functional English

Newcastle City Learning’s English courses are delivered face to face at our Heaton Centre and Westgate College sites.  Courses are available at Level 1 and Level 2 and will support you to develop your English skills to move onto further study or employment.


The length of your course will depend upon your starting point and your qualification goal; your teacher will advise you on the time it will take.  Some learners progress and achieve within a term, others take a full year.  You will progress at a speed that is comfortable for you.


To enrol on a course, you will need to attend an initial assessment appointment so we can assess your English skills and provide you with advice and guidance about your course.  These assessment sessions take place in the weeks running up to each academic holiday period. 


During your course you will have access to:

  • A diagnostic assessment, which will identify your strengths and areas for development
  • Taught sessions with your teacher
  • Individual feedback to help you track your progress
  • Mock and live exam sessions when you are ready


Learners can start our English classes each half term up until Easter 2024, which is our last intake to work towards accreditation.


Sessions are available on a variety of days and times. 


Please phone 0191 278 2818 or 0191 277 3520 to make an initial assessment appointment.


Learner Testimonials – What is it like to study English at Newcastle City Learning?


“It has been fantastic!  I am 45 and the last time I was in a classroom, I was 16.  The whole process from start to finish was very supportive.  I have gained new skills and can use grammar, spelling and punctuation correctly.  These are skills for life!”



“I have been given a lot of support through feedback on what I have completed well or what I need more practice on.  This has helped me alongside my teaching assistant course in schools.  It has made me feel more confident when supporting children.”



“My English course is opening doors to higher education and a better future for me.”



Functional English courses at Level 1 and 2


These courses are suitable for adults whose English skills have been assessed above Entry 3 Functional English.   Our Level 1 and 2 Functional English courses are accredited by Pearson and cover a range of reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.


You will learn how to read for specific information, analyse documents and read for inference. You will produce pieces of writing in a range of different styles, and develop your spelling, punctuation and grammar enabling you to produce fluent, well organised writing.


You will only gain your qualification on successful completion of your reading and writing exams as well as taking part in a group discussion and delivering a short talk or presentation.


EAL Functional English classes at Level 1 and 2


These courses are suitable for adults whose first language is not English and who have already completed their full Level 2 ESOL qualification, or whose English skills have been assessed above Entry 3 Functional English.   These courses are delivered by qualified ESOL teachers and include a greater focus on vocabulary and grammar than our regular Level 1 and 2 English classes.


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