Pound Plus Policy 2021-22

Newcastle City Learning's Pound Plus Policy 2021-22

What is pound plus?

Pound Plus is a term used by the Education and Skills Funding Agency to describe additional income generated by providers of adult education over and above the core Adult Education Budget. It is important because generating additional income allows us to maximise the value of public investment and is used to increase the service we can provide to residents.

What we do

Newcastle City Learning adds value to the Adult Education Budget by working closely with partners to reduce costs, share resources and attract additional income (actual or in kind) to widen the offer available to disadvantaged learners who otherwise may not be able to afford course fees.

The main elements of Pound Plus at Newcastle City Learning include:

•    Fee Income
•    Income from room hire to local community groups and businesses
•    Income from Café at Westgate and/or vending machines at various venues
•    Income from Westgate community markets
•    Curriculum efficiency – avoiding duplicate provision
•    Curriculum planning – to ensure the course offer meets both the government priorities and the needs of the local communities.  NCL also offers better progression opportunities leading to increased participation
•    Access to venues at no or reduced costs
•    The use of volunteers to support learning
•    The use of shared resources
•    Partnership working
•    Equipment donations
•    Access to other funding sources or equipment 


Newcastle City Learning will carry out regular reviews through our quality processes and self-assessment.